GIMDRILL is a high quality sodium activated bentonite designed to meet the requirements of dr ill ing & civil engineering applications, especially for oil well drilling. GIMDRILL Bentonite is pure high swelling sodium based Bentonite mined and processed in northwest part of Kutch, Gujarat, India. It offers superior performance as per API / OCMA specifications. GIMDRILL contains more than 70 % active smectite clay content. GIMDRILL because of its purity resist Ionic solution and has batter resistance to high and low PH solutions. GIMDRILL Bentonite does not contain any fermentable product and is environmentally acceptable.


  • Large surface area
  • High swelling and thixotropic properties.
  • Good plasticity and lubricity
  • High shear and compressive strength
  • Low filter loss
  • High viscosity
  • Im-permeability
  • Low compressibility
  • High Water Absorption
  • Excellent gel strength properties
  • Fluid Loss is at rest
  • Delivery


  • High Cuttings Suspension capability
  • Low Depth of Slurry Penetration
  • Fast development of Rheological properties
  • Advanced Lubrication ability
  • Creation of Thin Filtrate Cake with Low Permeability
  • Products specification as per customer specific requirement can be designed to achieve best performance against each end use.
  • It Act as Viscosifier and fluid reducing Agent.

Typical Properties of Various Grades of GIMDRILL AS PER API 13 A SPECIFICATIONS

Properties Unit GIMDRILL – 9 GIMDRILL – 11
Viscometer Dial Reading 600 rpm. 30 minimum 30 minimum
Yield Point / Plastic Viscosity Ratio 3.0 maximum 6.0 maximum
Filtrate Volume ml 15 maximum 16 maximum
Wet Residue Retained 75 micron % 4.0 maximum 2.5 maximum
Moisture Content % 13 max 13 max

Recommended Applications

  • Diaphragm and Cut-Off Walls
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Drilling Muds
  • Bore, Piling and Grouting
  • Can be used under High pressure and high temperature drilling conditions.

Delivery and Storage

  • In small 25 & 50 bags, shrink wrapped on pallets
  • In 1 & 1.25 tonne big-bags Store in dry/aerated space


  • Mix with good quality water
  • Use high shear mixers
  • In drilling work always use Standard
  • Cement, Chemicals . So it is prudent to use Standard Bentonite.


The listed technical values and product specifications are indicative and relied on tests performed under laboratory conditions, using distilled water. The information above should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of the product’s properties, which is derived from natural materials whose initial properties can vary depending on several factors. Mixing water quality and purity also significantly affects the slurry’s properties and performance. The information above does not release customers from any obligation to per form their own tests and it is recommended that any decisions regarding the use of our products is based on the results of such tests.