GIMFILL® – ANAMONT is natural clay provided by S&B for animal feed applications, presenting considerably improved technological performance as its binding, anti-caking and flowing agent properties improve both pellet process and conservation. GIMFILL® is natural Non swelling Calcium based bentonite of exceptional purity. It is mined and processed in North West part of India. GIMFILL® contains more than 70 % active montmorillonite clay content. GIMFILL® is Natural bentonite designed to meet the requirements of Adsorbent industries & for Land Filling & Cattle Feed & Poultry Feed Applications. GIMFILL® is used as Additive in Cattle and Poultry Feeds along with other Micro nutrients. GIMFILL® Filler Grade Bentonite is widely used in the Feed Industries both in Granular and Granule and Powder Form.

GIMFILL® offers superior performance as per International Specifications. GIMFILL® because of its purity and Fast Hydration & Bonding capacity perform at its best. GIMFILL® Bentonite does not contain any fermentable product. GIMFILL® is the brilliant innovation from GIMPEX S AND B which is Economical & Naturally Occurring & Ecological.


GIMFILL® – Powder Agriculture: Bentonite is used as an animal feed supplement, as a palletizing aid in the production of animal feed pellets, as well as a flow ability aid for unconsolidated feed ingredients such as soya meal. It also is used as an ion exchanger for improvement and conditioning of the soil. When thermally treated, it can be used as a porous ceramic carrier for various herbicides and pesticides.

GIMFILL® – Granular Bentonite is used for cat litter, due to its advantage of absorbing refuse by forming clumps (which can be easily removed) leaving the remaining product intact for further use.

GIMFILL® – Granular Bentonite is also used Water Proffing / Geo Synthetic Clay liner which is used for water proofing in effluent yard or fisheries pond lining etc.


  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT Naturally ecological and above all quick bonding element. Quick development of Bonding properties
  • High Bonding and thixotropic properties.
  • Large surface area.
  • Huge Porosity.
  • Fast Absorption & Adsorption Capabilities.
  • Good plasticity and lubricity
  • High Water Absorption
  • Excellent gel strength properties.
  • Minimum Impurities
  • Minimum Quartz content


  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT is used to improve Pellet quality and durability, to reduce caking or crumbling of the feed. It improves the flow ability.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT in cattle feed cake used as cake binder and ultimately will be a part of cattle feed.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT In poultry feed it is used as 1-2 mm granules and is a direct food ingredient.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT Due to Moisture absorption Properties it keeps grains / Pallets dry & free flowing
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT Helps for uniform suspension of active Ingredients.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT Keeps ingredients intact due to adsorption characteristics and help in uniform release.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT Due to high bonding , hard pallets resists the powdering on repeated handling.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT provides shape and strength to pallets.
  • GIMFILL® – ANAMONT is a three layer clay mineral and has the ability to absorb Mycotoxins
  • Extensive scientific trials have proved that GIMFILL® – ANAMONT acts beneficially in the digestive system of animals and thus offers producers an economical, natural, and above all, safe means to reduce the contamination of feed by mycotoxins (aflatoxin B1), consequently decrease mycotoxins uptake and finally reduce their distribution to the blood and target organs, preventing future contamination
  • In that case Bentonite acts as entrails protectant (enterosorbent) in animal diet, which rapidly and preferentially binds aflatoxins from the digestive tract and thus reduces their absorption into the organism. In that manner, adverse effect of aflatoxins on efficiency and liver function is minimized without marked defects in mineral metabolism of the animals.
  • Respectively when Bentonite is added to a contaminated feed by radioactive fall-out or made available to grazing animals, will reduce levels of radiocaesium in the animals and their products
  • In respect of functionality: As binder additive Bentonite can increase pellet durability when added at concentrations between 1 and 2% in complete feed and as anticaking agent, by improving the flow of the feed.
  • GIMFILL® –  Products specification as per customer specific requirement can be designed to achieve best performance both in powder and granules form.

Typical Properties of Various Grades of GIMFILL®

Free Swelling Value cc 10 minimum 20 minimum
Methylene Blue Absorption Mg/gm 350 minimum 350 minimum
Plate Water Absorption ASTM ( 4 Hrs) % 400 minimum 500 minimum
Powder Fineness Through 75 Micron % 90 minimum
Powder Fineness Through 45 Micron ( Wet Method ) 95 minimum 95 minimum
Moisture Content % 12 max 10 max
PH 7 minimum 9 minimum
Granules Size ( 0.5 to 5.0 mm ) % 90 minimum
Quartz Content % 3 maximum 3 maximum

Recommended Applications

  • Animal Feed Pallets.
  • Micro nutrients pallets.
  • Poultry Feed Granules
  • Geo Synthetic Clay Liners
  • Water / Effluent Ponds

Delivery and Storage

  • In 25 & 50 kg small bags.
  • In 1 & 1.25 tonne big-bags
  • Store in dry/aerated space


  • Mix in proper proportion.
  • Use high shear mixers.
  • Insure proper mixing with Feed Ingredients.


The listed technical values and product specifications are indicative and relied on tests performed under laboratory conditions, using distilled water. The information above should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of the product’s properties, which is derived from natural materials whose initial properties can vary depending on several factors. Mixing water quality and purity also significantly affects the slurry’s properties and performance. The information above does not release customers from any obligation to per form their own tests and it is recommended that any decisions regarding the use of our products is based on the results of such tests.