GIMSULF® is natural high swelling sodium based bentonite of exceptional purity. It is mined and processed in North West part of India. GIMSULF® contains more than 70 % active montmorillonite clay content. GIMSULF® is sodium activated bentonite designed to meet the requirements of Fertiliser industries. GIMSULF® is used as Sulphur Pastiles Binding & Dispersing Agent for all kind of Micro nutrients as well. GIMSULF® Fertilizer Grade Bentonite is widely used in the Fertilizer Industries both in Granular and liquid products.
GIMSULF® offers superior performance as per International Specifications. GIMSULF® because of its purity and Fast Hydration & Swelling Capacity perform at its best. GIMSULF® Bentonite does not contain any fermentable product. GIMSULF® is the brilliant innovation from GIMPEX S AND B which is Economical & Naturally Ecological.


  • Large surface area.
  • High swelling and thixotropic properties.
  • Fast Absorption & Dispersion Capabilities.
  • Good plasticity and lubricity.
  • High shear , High Bonding and compressive strength.
  • High Water Absorption.
  • Excellent gel strength properties.
  • Good dry strength.


  • GIMSULF® Due to Moisture absorption Properties it keeps grains / Pastiles dry & free flowing
  • GIMSULF® Helps for uniform suspension of active Ingredients.
  • GIMSULF® Keeps ingredients intact due to adsorption characteristics and help in uniform release into soil.
  • GIMSULF® because of its purity resist Ionic solution and has batter resistance to high and low PH solutions.
  • GIMSULF® forms Smooth, hard & Bright pastilles which are appreciated by the farmer.
  • GIMSULF® Due to high swelling character and controlled mesh , release of Sulphur in soil is better.
  • GIMSULF® Due to high bonding , hard pestles resists the powdering on repeated handling.
  • GIMSULF® provides shape and strength to pastilles.
  • Quick development of Bonding properties
  • Products specification as per customer specific requirement can be designed to achieve best performance.

Typical Properties of Various Grades of GIMSULF®

Properties Unit GIMSULF® 200 -FF GIMSULF® – 300 FD
Free Swelling Value cc 22 minimum 28 minimum
Methylene Blue Absorption Mg/gm 375 minimum 400 minimum
Plate Water Absorption ASTM ( 4 Hrs) % 400 minimum 500 minimum
Powder Fineness Through 75 Micron % 90 minimum 95 minimum
Powder Fineness Through 45 Micron ( Wet Method ) 95 minimum 99 minimum
Moisture Content % 12 max 10 max
PH 9 minimum 9 minimum
Brightness ( ISO ) % 50 minimum 40 minimum

Recommended Applications

  • Sulphur Bentonite Pasties.
  • Micro nutrients pastilles.
  • Liquid Fertiliser.

Delivery and Storage

  • In 25 & 50 kg small bags.
  • In 1 & 1.25 tonne big-bags
  • Store in dry/aerated space


  • Mix Slowly with sulphur.
  • Use high shear mixers.
  • Insure proper mixing with Sulphur.


The listed technical values and product specifications are indicative and relied on tests performed under laboratory conditions, using distilled water. The information above should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of the product’s properties, which is derived from natural materials whose initial properties can vary depending on several factors. Mixing water quality and purity also significantly affects the slurry’s properties and performance. The information above does not release customers from any obligation to per form their own tests and it is recommended that any decisions regarding the use of our products is based on the results of such tests.