HYDROGIM® products are high-quality bentonite materials for the use in retention systems and as con- taminant control additive. The effective ingredient of HYDROGIM® is an aluminium-hydro-silicate clay mineral of the smectite group, so-called montmorillonite. It is characterised by high ion-exchange-capacity and extremely high active surface area in aqueous dispersions. These unique properties of the material form the outstanding properties of HYDROGIM® products for adsorption, flocculation and dewatering applications. HYDROGIM® is mined and processed in North West part of India. HYDROGIM® contains more than 70 % active montmorillonite clay content. HYDROGIM® is Natural bentonite designed to meet the requirements of Paper industries HYDROGIM® offers superior performance as per International Specifications. HYDROGIM® because of its purity & Swelling capacity perform at its best. GIMFILL® Bentonite does not contain any fermentable product. GIMFILL® is the brilliant innovation from GIMPEX S AND B which is Economical & Naturally Occurring & Ecological.

Fields of Application

HYDROGIM® products are micronized high-quality bentonite products, which are developed for applications in pulp and paper. HYDROGIM® products are widely used as successful retention aids, in order to increase the retention and dewatering of furnish in the wire section of the paper machine. In most cases they are applied in combination with polymeric flocculants, e.g. in a so-called “microparticle retention system”. The unique structure of the mineral particles leads to an improvement of the retention of fillers and wood fines, without sacrificing the formation of the paper sheet. HYDROGIM® products are widely applied as effective additive for sticky and pitch control, in order to inactivate and disable the detrimental effect of various contaminants, occurring in the paper making process originated from either natural or synthetic sources. HYDROGIM® has a high affinity to tacky substances, like so-called “stickies, wood pitch or white pitch”, which may be pre- sent in the paper pulp and paper mill loop water in form of macro and colloidal particles. So HYDROGIM® products adsorb these contaminants in paper pulp or loop water very well, avoid agglomeration of these particles and take them out of the process. Thereby, the application of HYDROGIM® prevents the formation of deposits all over the paper production process and improves the runnability of the paper machine significantly.

Typical Properties of HYDROGIM®

  • Platelet Diameter : 1-2 mm
  • Platelet thickness : 10 A
  • Positive charges at the ages of platelets
  • Exchangeable cations between the crystal layer
  • High water absorption capacity
  • Intra crystalline swelling capacity

Advantages of HYDROGIM®

  • High levels of retention of fines due to its high specific surface
  • The reduction of contaminant levels in the water
  • Reduction of deposits in paper machines
  • Reduction of sheet holes and staining
  • Reduction in frequency of machine downtimes
  • Improvement of production quality
  • Improvement in wastewater solids and COD
  • Micronized / ultrafine product
  • Very good adsorption properties for tacky substances
  • Significant reduction of pitch, microstickies and potential stickies
  • Very high active surface area
  • Good flocculation properties
  • Forms voluminous flocks with both, anionic and cationic flocculants (water soluble polymers)
  • Decreases drainage time of furnish
  • Increases runnability of the paper machine

Technical Data

Appearance Free Flowing Fine Powder
Moisture Content 10.0 % Maximum
2 % PH 8.5 to 10.5
Cation Exchange capacity 375 mg / gm min
Smectite Content 70 % min
Wet Sieve fineness < 0.1 % retained on 325 mesh
Bulk density gm / ml 0.85 – 0.95
Brightness ( ISO ) 40.0 % min
SiO2 48 – 52
Al2O3 14 -18
Fe2O3 12 – 16
CaO 1.0 – 2.0
MgO 1.5 – 3.0
Na2O 2.0 – 3.5
TiO2 1.0 – 2.5
S 0.1 -0.5
K2O 0.1 – .05
LOI 7.0 – 10.0


Before application, the powder product should be dispersed in water in order to obtain its full available surface area and effectiveness. For preparation of bentonite dispersion usually high mechanical shear force  and  strong  turbulences  are  required.  Bentonite  slurries  are  usually  applied in  concentration  of 3 – 4%, maximum 5 % (w/w). For combined applications of HYDROGIM® with polyacrylamides-based floc- culants, fixatives or coagulants some parameters like charges of the components, order of dosage and  amount  of dosage  should  be individually  adjusted in order  to obtain optimal  performance.  For further information please contact our technical support.

Delivery and Storage

HYDROGIM® is a purely inorganic mineral-based product, produced out of natural raw materials only. The product is nontoxic and free of environmentally harmful or volatile organic components. Please find de- tailed information about precautions and handling in safety data sheet.

Storage & Shelf Life

In general bentonite products like HYDROGIM® have unlimited shelf life, if they are stored properly in a dry environment. Please keep packaging close and avoid humidity and moisture.


For lab tests, pilot and full scale trials and for routine application we are able to support our customers with our long-term experience, know-how, equipment and service. Please ask for more detailed infor- mation about the possibilities of applications of ALTONIT in the paper industry.

Delivery and Storage

  • In 25 & 50 kg small bags.
  • In 1 & 1.25 tonne big-bags


  • Mix with pure water
  • Use high shear mixers.
  • Use with good polymer


The listed technical values and product specifications are indicative and relied on tests performed under laboratory conditions, using distilled water. The  information above should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of the product’s properties, which is derived from natural materials whose initial properties can vary depending on several factors. Mixing water quality and purity also significantly affects the slurry’s properties and performance. The information above does not release customers from any obligation to perform their own tests and it is  recommended that any decisions regarding the use of our products is based on the results of such tests.